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Thanet Primary Schools' Cross Country Results

A note on cross country in general - times, distances (and moles!)

Unlike track races, results attained on different cross country courses are seldom comparable. Even the same course may have different characteristics on different days. The weather can have a huge influence and it's not just wind and rain on the day that may slow runners down. Rainfall in the days and weeks leading up to a race can have a significant effect on how fast the surface is.

There are sometimes other factors too, particularly for races involving very young children. When setting out the course on Saturday mornings, the safety of the runners is always our main priority. If you had a decent stroll around on the Quex Meadow, you would have noticed an awful lot of molehills. (I'm reliably informed that they have not been as numerous on the site for more than forty years!)

While the races are traditionally advertised as being 1000 metres for the younger runners and 1500 metres for those in Year 5 and Year 6, these should only ever be viewed as approximate distances. In trying to provide runners with the safest route (avoiding those pesky molehills) I'm pretty sure that the course on 5th March ended up slightly on the long side.

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The race times from Saturday 5th March 2022 can be found on the link below.
March 2022 Results

The race times from Saturday 8th October 2022 can be found on the link below.
October 2022 Results

Year 3 Girls (1000 metres)
    10:00    (139 runners)
1st -- Tess (Upton Junior) 4:58
2nd -- Flossie (St Lawrence College) 5:25
3rd -- Nikola (Cliftonville) 5:30

Year 3 Boys (1000 metres)
    10:20    (150 runners)
1st -- Jack (Holy Trinity Ramsgate) 4:32
2nd -- Hugo (St Saviour's) 4:33
3rd -- Parker (St Saviour's) 4:43

Year 4 Girls (1000 metres)
    10:40    (112 runners)
1st -- Esme (Upton Junior) 4:43
2nd -- Iris (Minster Primary) 4:46
3rd -- Chloe (Chilton Primary) 4:55

Year 4 Boys (1000 metres)
    11:00    (120 runners)
1st -- Orlando (Upton Junior) 4:16
2nd -- Charlie (Upton Junior) 4:18
3rd -- Seth (St Saviour's) 4:26

Year 5 Girls (1500 metres)
    11:20    (103 runners)
1st -- Betsy (Minster Primary) 7:43
2nd -- Robin (Upton Junior) 7:46
3rd -- Eva (St Joseph's) 8:05

Year 5 Boys (1500 metres)
    11:40    (133 runners)
1st -- Wilbur (Minster Primary) 6:45
2nd -- Noah (Upton Junior) 6:49
3rd -- Arthur (Newington) 6:55

Year 6 Girls (1500 metres)
    12:00    (97 runners)
1st -- Miller (St Lawrence College) 6:55
2nd -- Alice (Birchington) 7:10
3rd -- Isobelle (Birchington) 7:11

Year 6 Boys (1500 metres)
    12:20    (91 runners)
1st -- Jack (Chilton Primary) 6:17
2nd -- Eddie (St Lawrence College) 6:18
3rd -- Joshua (Wellesley/Haddon Dene) 6:39

Thanks again for being there to race, or watch, or help - We hope to see you again at our next event.