Kent Secondary Schools'
Cross Country

2024 Cross Country Information

Date: Saturday 20th January 2024
Venue: Central Park, Dartford (as last year.)

   Isle of Thanet News
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   Kent Messenger
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   Letter 2
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   Letter 1
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2024 Thanet Entries

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The list of pupils entered to run for Thanet District at the Kent Secondary Schools' Cross Country Championships on 20th January 2024 is below:

- Dolcie Adyinka (URS)
- Layla Gregory (CCGS)
- Ava Harris (CCGS)
- Alice Mitchell (CCGS)
- Isabel Mitchell (CCGS)
- Miller Payne (SLC)
- Tiggy Poulter (SLC)
- Keira Provins (DCGS)
- Olive Renn (DCGS)
- Rose Shealy (URS)

- Harry Ball (DCGS)
- Joshua Eve (CCGS)
- David Leahy (DCGS)
- Sidney Ledger (SLC)
- Kian Matthews (RHA)
- Roman Oliver (URS)
- Flynn Richards (URS)
- Theo Roberts (DCGS)
- Edward Schroepfer (SLC)
- Cobey Thomas (StG)
- Max Yeoman (CDS)

- Lois Baisley (CCGS)
- Prudence Cattle (DCGS)
- Edith Chapman (RHA)
- Mariella Ducane (DCGS)
- Megan Gallagher (CCGS)
- Maisie Kemp (DCGS)
- Danika L'Fakir (CCGS)
- Poppy Taylor (DCGS)
- Phoebe Wells (DCGS)
- Naomi Wright (SLC)

- Ralph Copland (URS)
- Charlie Cocks (URS)
- Jack Dackombe (CDS)
- Patrick Flynn (SLC)
- Wilbur Henry (WHHD)
- Reuben Johnson (StG)
- Alex Philps (URS)
- Jack Rolfe (CCGS)
- Alex Smith (CCGS)
- Reuben Smith (StG)
- Ael Turner (DCGS)
- Manni Turner (DCGS)
- Will West (StG)

- Belle Cornwell (URS)
- Bethany Honour (StG)
- Gabriella McGettigan (DCGS)
- Maddie Peacock (URS)

- Aslan Gurtekin (DCGS)
- Sam Hancock (StG)
- Oliver Jones (DCGS)
- Jonathan Kay (SLC)
- Harry Little (URS)
- Finnley Saunders (DCGS)
- Max Spurgin (DCGS)
- Joe Waters (DCGS)

- Natalia Austin (DCGS)
- Mercedes McGivern (StG)
- Lola Sutton (URS)

- Harry Cory (CCGS)
- Louis Eldred (DCGS)
- Paul Ruben (SLC)
- Franklin Shepherd (CCGS)
- Jake Stevens (DCGS)
- Mark Xu (SLC)

Cross Country Event Information

<-- Cross Country

Date -
     Saturday 20th January 2024
Venue -
     Central Park, Dartford DA1 1JP

(This page is primarily an information source for parents and teachers of pupils at secondary schools in the Thanet District It is not intended to replace the official website or the facebook group of the Kent Schools' Athletic Association.)

Please be aware that no parking will be available in Central Park. There are several public car parks nearby, the closest of which is the Acacia Car Park in the High Street. Parents are advised to also check out other local options on the Parkopedia website in advance.

Calendar -The Kent Schools' Athletic Association's Cross Country Championship takes place each year on a Saturday towards the end of January. It is usually two weeks after the Kent Championship (contested by club runners.)

How to Enter Next Time - Anyone interested in taking part should speak to their school PE teacher. Pupils are nominated by their school's PE Department to the District Coordinator.

Age Groups - The age categories are Year 7, Juniors (Y8 and Y9), Intermediates (Y10 and Y11) and Seniors (Y12 and Y13). These age groups are the same for all competitions sanctioned by the English Schools' Athletic Association.

Selection - Each district may select a maximum 16 boys and 16 girls in each category. An additional 4 boys and 4 girls in Y8 can also be selected. (This is to encourage more pupils to continue in the sport as they encounter two-year age bands for the first time.)

Kit - Spiked footwear is strongly recommended! Runners are representing both their own school and their school district, so will usually wear a school sports top. A few districts have their own sponsored kit, which all their competitors wear.

Distances - Race distances may vary slightly due to different course characteristics, but range from approximately 2400m for Year 7 girls, up to 7200m for Senior Boys.

Kent Selection - Pupils performing well will be asked to declare whether they are available to represent Kent Schools at the Schools' Inter-Counties (usually two weeks later.)

There is a further Inter-Counties competition - for Year 7 and Year 8 pupils only - in March.

English Schools - The first four finishers in each race (apart from Year 7) will also be automatically selected to represent Kent at the English Schools' Cross Country Championship. Further selection criteria determine the remainder of the county squad selections.

2023 Cross Country Information

The complete results from Saturday 21st January 2023 at Central Park, Dartford are now on the KSAA website:
   2023 Results
Report on Thanet's runners from the Isle of Thanet News website (25/1/2023):
   Isle of Thanet News
Videos of all the races can be viewed on Mark Hookway's YouTube channel:
   Race Videos
Some of Simon Hildrew's photographs will be in the Kent Messenger newspaper on Thursday and a wider selection is already on the Kent Online website:
   Kent Messenger Photos
Photographs taken by DE Photos at the event can also be purchased on their website:
   DE Photos

   Letter 3 (Final Reminders)
      -- sent Thu 19/1/2023
   Course Map
      -- sent Tue 10/1/2023
   Letter 2
      -- sent Wed 4/1/2023
   Letter 1
      -- sent Wed 7/12/2022

2023 Thanet Entries

<-- Cross Country

The list of pupils entered to run for Thanet District at the Kent Secondary Schools' Cross Country Championships on 21st January 2023 is below:

- Maisie Kemp (DCGS)
- Chloe Shimmen (CDS)
- Brooke Golden (CCGS)
- Sophia Gillick (CCGS)
- Freya Stevens (CCGS)
- Edith Chapman (RHA)
- Prudence Cattle (DCGS)
- Harriet Brooks (WHHD)
- Melody Flowers (WHHD)

- Finlay Dyer (CDS)
- Bear Quinn Loughnane (CDS)
- Alex Smith (CCGS)
- Jensen Fordham (CCGS)
- Joaquin Munoz Wood (CCGS)
- Reuben Johnson (SGCofE)
- Wilbur Henry (WHHD)
- William Northrop (CCGS)

- Isabelle Edwards (CDS)
- Lilly James (CDS)
- Lois Baisley (CCGS)
- Laila Humphrey (CCGS)
- Danika L'Fakir (CCGS)
- Ella Cameron (CCGS)
- Lexi Verrall (CDS)
- Grace Flowers (WHHD)

- Jasper Baker (CCGS)
- Reuben Carss (WHHD)
- William Franklin (WHHD)
- Dylan Kite (KE)
- Jack Perks (CCGS)
- Ollie Tiltman (CDS)
- George Buchanan (SLC)
- Aiden Cooper (CDS)
- Nick Fox (CCGS)
- Jacob Grace (CCGS)
- Sam Hancock (CCGS)
- Jack Parkin (CDS)
- Lewis Stringer (CDS)

- Natalia Austin (DCGS)
- Ivy Haggerty (DCGS)
- Isabelle Manning (CDS)
- Mercedes McGivern (SGCofE)
- Jemima Topping (DCGS)

- Seth Brock (CDS)
- Jaidon Coombes (UC)
- Louis Eldred (DCGS)
- Oliver Jones (DCGS)
- Vincent Jones (CCGS)
- Riley Maisey (CCGS)
- Daniel Pook (DCGS)
- Finnley Saunders (DCGS)
- Franklin Shepherd (CCGS)
- Andrew Stewart (UC)
- Joseph Walters (DCGS)

- Isobel Tyler (CCGS)
- Amy Topping (CCGS)
- Lola Sutton (UC)
- Natalie Nicoll (CCGS)

- Dylan Leach (CCGS)
- Jake Stevens (DCGS)
- Lucas Harris (DCGS)
- Zack Connor (DCGS)

No additions or replacements are permitted - entries closed at the beginning of December.

Many thanks to those parents who notified me of spelling errors and non-availability to run.

Previous Years

<-- Cross Country

2023   Dartford Central Park
-- Results 21/1/2023

2022   Hop Farm, Paddock Wood
-- Results 22/1/2022

2021    - - - - -
(meeting cancelled due to Covid-19 pandemic)

2020   Duke of York's, Dover
-- Results 18/1/2020

2019   Duke of York's, Dover
-- Results 19/1/2019

2018   Duke of York's, Dover
-- Results 20/1/2018

2017   Duke of York's, Dover
-- Results 21/1/2017

2016   Brockhill Park School, Hythe
-- Results 23/1/2016

2015   Wilmington Grammar School, Dartford
-- Results 17/1/2015

2014   Wilmington Grammar School, Dartford
-- Results 18/1/2014

2013   Danson Park, Bexleyheath
(meeting held later than usual due to severe weather in January)
-- Results 2/2/2013

2012   Kent College, Canterbury
-- Results 14/1/2012

2011   New Barn Park, Swanley
-- Results 15/1/2011

2010   Wilmington Grammar School, Dartford
(meeting held later than usual due to severe weather in January)
-- Results 6/2/2010

2009   Mote Park, Maidstone
-- Results 17/1/2009